Hi, I'm Kerry.
The proud founder, baker and decorator of your sweet vegan desserts at
Madison Rose Bakery.
I'm a mom to five beautiful, talented and amazing kids and I've been blessed with five "sweet" adorable grandbabies.
Madison Rose Bakery is a small minority owned female run business located in sunny Santa Clarita California and is named after my daughter
Madison Rose.
We are a custom order luxury vegan bakery and offer a wide variety of vegan desserts and many gluten free options.
My journey with baking began in 2010. I had no intentions of ever owning or running my own bakery.
In fact, baking was never my thing.
After some reflection, I realized that baking had somehow always been a part of my family history dating back to my amazing grandmother.
"Miss Ket" as she was lovingly known by so many was born and raised in Jamaica.
She owned and operated a small community bakery just like I do today.
She used her little shop to help provide for her family of 8 and the money she earned helped put her children through school and allowed her to be able to contribute to cover their daily needs.
I now know that I inherited her love and desire to give to others.
Baking allows me to do just that.
Before most people even knew what celiac disease was, I was unknowingly dealing with it through my own family experience.
My daughter Madison had the worst symptoms of all the kids at the time.
I remember her lying on the floor crying because she could no longer eat sweet treats and her physical reactions to wheat, gluten and dairy were so overwhelming that it left her in pain, fatigued, and bruised.
This is when I promised her and my other children that I would figure something out for them.
As a mom, I didn't want them to feel left out of any special occasions or gatherings because they couldn't have a cookie or a slice of cake that tasted and looked like what they had always been able to enjoy and what everyone else was enjoying.
In 2015 Madison Rose Bakery came to life after many failed attempts of trying to create beautiful and delicious vegan and gluten free desserts.
Thanks to the support of a few friends who confirmed that I had created an amazing product I decided to begin offering my treats to the public.
That same year, I went on to compete with some local bakers and won a hometown contest "The Sweet Charity" with a gluten free waffle cake.
In 2016, Madison Rose Bakery won "Food Networks Cupcake Wars" with one of our our gluten free cupcakes.
I'm so honored to be a 5 star vegan and gluten free bakery on yelp.
Over the years, we have created treats for so many amazing clients including  celebrities, designers, doctors, lawyers, corporate companies etc, such as Tabitha Brown, John Cena, NCIS, Enfamil, Children's Hospital LA, and non profit organizations such as "The Gentle Barn".
Today, I'm most excited to continue creating custom made one of a kind desserts just for you and your loved ones.
Thank you so much for sticking with me and supporting me on my baking journey throughout the years.
I'm so thankful for all of you.
. Without you, there is no Madison Rose Bakery.
Like my grandmother, you are helping this small business baking lady make her dreams a reality.
Your support means everything to me and I really appreciate you.
I know you're here for the sweets, I hope you'll stay for the love.